Sunday, September 18, 2016

The South Pole Adventure Begins!

I recently received some very exciting news and have been waiting to post the details for various reasons, not the least of which being that I have been very busy dealing with many new responsibilities.  As I posted in the past, I applied for a year long position at the South Pole.  Originally, I was not selected as one of the two primary candidates.  A little less than two weeks ago, I found out that one of the primaries would be unable to take the position, so I was asked to take his place.  Since that time, I have left my job in Birmingham and moved most of my belongings into storage.   Less than a week later, I started my training in Madison Wisconsin!

As I have stated I the past this blog was started to fulfill many purposes.  One of those was to serve as a journal for my trip to the South Pole, if I ended up getting the job. Now that I have the job, I hope to share my adventures with friends and family and anyone else who is interested.  I plan to update a few times a month with pictures, updates about what all is involved in my work at the South Pole, the science that we and others are doing down there, and even some personal things here and there.  If anyone has questions feel free to post or email them to me. I will try to answer as I am able, especially over the next few weeks of training.  After I "deploy" to the South Pole, the Internet will be limited, but I will still have access and will continue to post and answer questions, but it may take a little more time.  In the mean time, the posts may be a little more frequent so I can get as much information out as possible.

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