Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Back into the groove of things...


This is just a quick update post.  I know I am way behind on my travel picture posts.  In all honesty, I was having so much fun traveling, that I didn't really feel like spending too much time updating my blog. That being said I know a few people want to see pictures, so I am placing links to my photos from my travel here.  I took thousands of pictures while traveling. I am sure many of the pictures below are not that amazing, but as I am not a great photographer, I take lots of pictures in the hope that at least a few of them turn out OK. I did go through and put together a quick highlight set (top album), but even that may be missing some good pics, so I am going to just throw them all out and let everyone judge for themselves. I mean, if you REALLY want to see them all... Here you go!

Semi-Sorted Pics -

Namibia -

Morocco -

Egypt -

India -

Laos -

Cambodia -

Krabi, Thailand -

Chiang Mai, Thailand - 

Bangkok, Thailand -

Cairns, Australia -

Adelaide, Australia -

Sydney, Australia -

At any rate, there they are! I'd still like to go back one day soonish and write a little about my experiences in many of those places while the memories are still a little fresh, but there is so much to write, it is a little overwhelming. Hopefully, I can get motivated to do it before the memories fade.